Which kind of earplug for sleeping would be best if I need noise reduction, comfort and most important - durability?

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rmajid36 years ago
Hello, Try this store for ear plugs http://www.earo.co.uk  
dog digger6 years ago
you can get custom mold earplugs. They are like a putty and you mold them in your ear and you wait 15-30 mins for them to set. you can get them in a hardware store near earmuffs or in the drug store with the swimming equipment like goggles. Hope I helped :)
Re-design6 years ago
I found the best way to keep out the ambient noise at night is to sleep listening to and mp3 player wearing earbuds. Works much better for me. My inner ear noise was as loud as the noise I was trying to block.
acidbass6 years ago
the disposable ones that gunmen, machinist, flight crew and sleepers all over the world use I use them and they work great but I also think if flight crew use these and only a small amount of flight crew go deaf in their lifetime. Sleep on that one (with ear plugs of course)
NatNoBrains6 years ago
I use the HP - 02 Live In ear headphones. Almost no background sound and prestine sound quality. They are also really cheap!
Hopw this helped,
Flannel UK

For sleeping?

Flashinator (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I'm looking for a earplug for sleeping. Guess the proposed earplug won't really do that job.

I found this pretty easily, I'll guess most can be bought in many countries.

OH RIIIIGHT Ear plugs :(
Just use any ordinary one.
I would use expanding foam like these.




They are comfortable and durable up to a point and then can be replaced as they are very cheap and come in packs of 30+.