Which knex gun has a large magazine, little parts, and very reliable?

i have built I_Am_Canadians AST pistol and it was really good but i want to know about some other guns out there

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Lowney7 years ago
Red impact: 5* but it does require some decapitated pieces.
travw7 years ago
Four times normal

Spiff, seriously.
Seleziona travw7 years ago
Late, but, Fravity?
Shaznazabbadaz (author)  travw7 years ago
haha good gun
DJ Radio7 years ago
Jackal v2 has a 12 round removable mag, and it doesnt use a lot.
Jesus. DJ Radio7 years ago
all of your guns dont use a lot
You should use I_am_Canadian's SPIFF.
coreyt7 years ago
one word spiff
Shaznazabbadaz (author)  coreyt7 years ago
haha ok cool
Try my spiff.
Shaznazabbadaz (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
wow awesome!
An Villain7 years ago
oodassault pistol by the jamalam (i think) fires with a good range, looks good, and is very strong.
the jamalam didnt make the oodassault pistol.
yeah, i know.
How About from TheDunkis?
i know, my bad.
Shaznazabbadaz (author) 7 years ago
yea those are both good guns, thanks