Which motor has the most torque? (K'nex)?

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I'm in the process of developing a K'nex new ball machine lift, but the current motor I am using (the TT one 2 speed- the one below) does not have enough torque to drive the axle. I was wondering which motor is best suitable and has a larger amount of torque. I was thinking the 12V one with the adapter, but since I don't own one yet, I cannot test one. So my question is which motor has the most torque?

Picture of Which motor has the most torque? (K'nex)?
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Good question ;)

hunter999 (author)  sandroknexmaster3 years ago

Hehe (I really don't know why I selected your answer as BA, oh well ;))

Because it isn't wrong :D

www1393 years ago

yeah. the 12v motor will work fine. I used it to power 3 lifts at once and it handles it fine! :D

iceng4 years ago
This is the motor you want.


If you need more torque then gear it down. No need to run directly from the motor.
hunter999 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
It not directly from the motor
hunter999 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
I already geared it down twice!! lol