Which poteniometer for 8 ohm speaker into TEAC AG-980 Amp?

Hi there, I have this 65W amp hooked up to two pairs of JBL Control Ones (8 Ohm) and one Fenword 8 Ohm Speaker. This uses A/B/C/D with the amp's multi zone function. The Fenford is in our bathroom area (it's a small gym) and I want to attentuate the volume just for this speaker. Any idea which potentiometer I can solder onto the cable to damp the volume?

iceng4 months ago

This monster pot is toooooooooo small for what you want to do !

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iceng iceng4 months ago

Blast !!!

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A simple pot in this circuit will severely overheat and stop working. An L-Pad volume control will work perfect for this application and the system will still see necessary 8 ohm load no matter what you set the remote speaker's volume at. You don't mention whether this is a stereo or mono speaker application. I would suggest a 100 watt 8 ohm L-Pad. You can purchase these from nearly any electronics supplier for either mono or stereo applications at a cost of between 10 and 20 dollars. They are easy to wire up. Best of luck.