Which small ball machine shall i make?

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Sorunome7 years ago
Invent one, thats always the best!!
MegaMetal8 (author)  Sorunome7 years ago
frollard7 years ago
Shall implies you WILL do it - we can't tell you what you will do.

What SHOULD you do? That's all down to the number of parts you have, complexity you're capable of, and how big/detailed you want to go. There are tonnes of options to explore.
MegaMetal8 (author)  frollard7 years ago
The title is SMALL ball machine.

I can do quite complex stuff as well, i want some nice elements in there
Okay, so we have nailed down one of the variables -- again, it all comes down to how complex you want to make it -- I'd suggest looking at existing ibles and taking elements that fit your desired finished product.
MegaMetal8 (author)  frollard7 years ago
Idk what your on about
you asked for small.
that doesn't tell us much. I said it all depends on OTHER THINGS.
MegaMetal8 (author)  frollard7 years ago
Literally just any small ball machine.

I on't care about all the specs and whatever.
fuzi7 years ago
you should try looking at ball machines made by darth trainman
orksecurity7 years ago
Which one looks cool to _you_? Which one do you have the necessary parts for? Which one do you think you can do something creative with rather than merely replicating?