Which smartphone should I choose?

This is my first smartphone. My older mobile phone was used to normal things like SMS, calling. But at my new job I need something with access to mail or browser. Can you give me any advices?

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sf49ers3 years ago

windows phone works really well if you have an xbox or a Microsoft laptop

MYawar3 years ago

Android phones come in low price ranges with quiet good hardware for your specific usage, or you can try for Nokia phones, they too are quiet good, if you want a phone to last and wan't the above mentioned features + something more then I suggest Nokia. You should check battery life on first if browsing web is going to be frequent with you.

Yeah these people are right, just get one of the ones your friends have.

Burf3 years ago

They're all basically comparable, what you should really be trying to decide is which provider you to use.

Compare providers; the plans available, coverage, reliability, customer service, price, etc. Then just choose whichever cell phone meets yours and the provider's requirements.

If that is all you need then it doesn't matter which one you get. Get the one that looks best to you. Go to your provider and see what they have to offer and get your hands on the units and get a good feel for them.