White rod slide action pistol?

Is there(or could somebody make) a knex gun that has a white rod magazine in the handle and is slide action?

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Well that's weird. I just made one, and I didn't saw this post.
didn't saw lol
nutty guy8 years ago
ironman69's p2000 has a white rod mag in handle and is slide action and has lots more stuff check it out
Jesus.8 years ago
I am making one but I don't know when I can post it cuse' are camera is not working
dsman1952768 years ago
loosewire soe operative already posted one.
It's not very good though...
stale568 years ago
im making one, its almost done, the handle isnt the best and its a block trigger, i dont know how 2 give it a better handle/trigger, and its not very reliable, but its not done yet=)