Who Decides If An Answer Will Be Published?

Having explained as clearly as I could about a technical problem that I have, and waiting in eager anticipation for a possible solution;- it wasn't published!

I am much vexed. I dotted and crossed so?..; what's the problem?

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Z.. (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for the responses.

I put up a question about my images/pictures, putting up a title, and then going into fairly lengthy detail about the problem/s. Lengthy, because I figured you'd need the detail to give possible solution/s.

That was 4 (5?), days ago, and nada. Given that this has been a technical thorn in my side for several months, I really did wait in eager anticipation.

I decided then to ask this question. I mean,- did someone decide it should not be put up. Who decides? On what criteria?

Here 'tis:

I use my desktop as a 'picture gallery', changing the image daily. I have two sources for that: a) My Pictures (MP) - b) Webshots (W).

W dominates. It constantly overrides the desktop image from the desktop when it comes from MP, replacing it with the last W image that was there. 'tis damned annoying! I have around 800 images in both W and MP. I would like to keep them.

1) Is there ANY way I can hold onto my W images, but sever ties with W? Clearly their system is causing the override. Any way to do this.

My Pictures: these used to -  (download??----on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have a level 6/7 computer skill) - 'show up' (!) within 2 or 3 seconds.
They got slower and slower. I know it is not their volume, because some time back they suddenly reverted to showing very fast again ( I think the comp had a little hiccup at the time. I'm not sure). Then back to slow (about 1m 30 s to download). I had an unknown and quickly resolved 'glitch' on my computer about 10 days ago. They came right back to speed. It was great!!

Then I defragged. Back to slow.

2) ANY theories about this?

General info: Windows XP/Avast/Spyware Blaster.

Windows saves the current desktop image in a temporary folder somewhere! SPIES!!!
Re-design Z..7 years ago
REpost is under the correct title and see if it makes its way thru th system this time.  A few weeks back there was a hickup in the system and about 2 dozen questions didn't get posted until several days passed. 
I've noticed it takes around a half hour for questions to appear to the general public. But sometimes one will slip through the cracks for some weird reason. I think it is more likely if you've asked a question already that day.
orksecurity7 years ago
Answers appear if someone posts an answer. If nobody happens to have the answer you're looking for...
Not true.  Usually the first five or six Questions on the "recent" page have zero answers, because they have just been posted.
Re-design7 years ago
Is this about you pictures question?

I can't even find where that question was even published.