Who can help me to make hho burner stove?

Aslam alecom 
Im Mohamed from Egypt and this frist time i ask here 
b4 im make dry cel hydrogen genertor and i get 1 liter per 50 second from 21  staliss sell plates 304  and i try  to make my own  stove and try to rune it by hho stove but it blow up beacos im not use flash back rresttor
my qestion now how i make hho burner to my stove ?
Where i can find company can i sell from here hho burner
b4 i sent masseg for company in usa to sell from them but now one answer me my be cose thy know im arabic muslim 
now i ask ahelp from u
f u know any company can make to me hho burner please tell me
if u know how to make hho burner nd u can gude me to do it tell me 
if u have any photos and videio for hho stove plse sent it here
all this photo to me when i try to make hho stove 
but last photo not to me thanks

In most of these homebrew electrolysis setups, the hydrogen (H2) and oxygen(O2) are produced by closely spaced electrodes, and, as a result, these gases are mixed together almost instantly, and this mix is explosive.

I think the usual trick for making a flame from a gas plus oxygen mixture, e.g. acetylene+oxygen, is to arrange the plumbing in such a way that the gases separate, until just a small distance upstream of where the flame will be.

Also I think it helps to have the gases moving fast, by using narrow pipes, so the gases are sort of moving faster than the flame. Or I think this is true, or my intuition is telling me this. I am not really expert on this subject.

One trick I have read about for preventing the flame from traveling backwards into the gas mixture, is to pipe the gases through a bubbler. So there is big barrier, of some kind of liquid, to keep the flame from traveling backwards. I have attached a picture of this, from an old patent. In this drawing, this "flash-back arrestor" is labeled #11.

Just noticed Instructables is reformatting this picture, originally a gif, and making it hard to see. Maybe I should just link to it, here,


I found that image, in this article, from Rex Research.

Say what you will about Rex Research, but they do give us lots of patent numbers. Which makes me think, you can maybe find some useful ideas by reading the patents themselves, via www.freepatentsonline.com, or Google, or whoever is your favorite source for reading patents.


Usually patents are well written, go into a fair amount of detail. I think the legal standard is that they must be understandable to someone familiar with the art.

In contrast the stuff you find here on Instructables, a lot of it, kind of looks like it was upped by semi-retarded children. But you know, it's free, and beggars cannot be choosers. Of course, some of these 'ibles are better than others, and you should definitely be using the search function here, if you have not done this already, e.g.

Search for: Let's make: hydrogen


Search for: Let's make: electrolysis



I would be very, very careful with this idea.
Did I already mention to be careful?
Hydrogen is very cumbustible and I can only recommend to use it like a normal gas stove, using the enviromental air but not to actually mix hydrogen and pur oxygen directly.
Any slight mishap here and all you get is a massive boooom and the house is gone.