Who is Luke's REAL father? See details before you answer, PLEASE...

OK, so when Anakin meets back up with Padme, he's been gone for ~1 year, right?  Problem.   Padme is pregnant, but hasn't delivered yet.  Logically, that means that Anakin is not actually the father.  Right so far?
So who is Luke's real father?  Some random guy?  If we believe that the Force is a power that everyone has that must be cultivated, his father can be pretty much anyone.  If we believe the medichlorion count interpretation of the Force, however, he would have to have a powerful Jedi as a father.  Yoda has been Padme's protector, right?  I don't think I'll follow this logic any further.

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She gets pregnant after they get married at the end of episode II (or the baby forms with all of the gushy making out in the middle of the movie). Afterwards she sees him regularly. Padme isn't pregnant when they see each other for the first time in "x" number of years.
emperos (author)  General Eggs7 years ago
Ahhh, thanks for clearing that one up. I must have misunderstood that bit.
orksecurity7 years ago
Even if we grant your premise -- Ever heard of sperm banks? Star Wars is a high-tech universe; it is quite possible that sex and reproduction have become reliably separated. So absence does not necessarily argue against parenthood. For that matter, given that level of technology, difference in species might not be a complete obstacle. "Luke! Meesa you papa!" And I don't think I want to follow _that_ any further.
yokozuna7 years ago
I am Luke's father. You clearly were too narrow-minded to include the Sith when considering midichlorian counts.
emperos (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
I was pretty sure that both Sith had been accounted for at that point.
Who said there were only two? Someone had to teach Senator Palpatine now, didn't they?
emperos (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
aha. your logic is sound. wait, that's star trek. sound, your logic is. wait, that's yoda. whatever. so you're an ex-Sith lord?
acidbass7 years ago
ishmael your friendly starship mechanic is or maybe it was her security gaurds or maybe it was a wookie
Re-design7 years ago
Jethro is.

Jethro is the hired hand that takes care of the garden.
Raoul. "I have come to clean ze pool".