Who wants to join my MineCraft Survival Island Server for 1.7.3?

Question says all

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zen.greene2 years ago

i whold as long as its not a hamachi im so bored and looking for a good server

to play on thats a survival island

mmeglii5 years ago
I would like to join a server! Plz invite me im bored with the normal map and id like somthing new!
can u make a sever that i can be admin on
epublio6 years ago
Join my hamachi server ! :D
I'm hopeful you'll join :)
Network: Potatoes Server

pass: potato

Only join if you'll play and don't grief.
mmeglii epublio5 years ago
If you want reply to me and me and you can make a private server!~
hi dude can u make me a sever i suck at stuff like that so can it be like a suvival iland or something like that
Can we start now
oh hi my names dylan im 14 and wanna start a sever with u if yes go on kk we will talk on that plzz relply we can maybe do a surival iland with me and my frends and u and your frends
oh and i'am new
hi i want to know that do you want to make a server together and tell me when you got your word man :)
tdo55 years ago
if u want to join my server u have to login
hamachi the network : tommydo912 pass : tommydo
and the server ip :
DontShoot262 (author) 6 years ago
Ok join
DontShoot262 (author) 6 years ago
The Hamachi Stuff Is:
And th IP is:
auz946 years ago
I would like to join i have hamachi
jjavier36 years ago
I Will Give me ip
DontShoot262 (author)  jjavier36 years ago
Its a hamachi server Do you have that
yes i do lol
Kingfrobro6 years ago
well would love to join
orksecurity6 years ago
Not really a how-to or how-does-it-work question. You're more likely to get responses if you post this in the Forums than here in Answers.