Who would win in a fight: Fungus Amungus or Noahw? - UPDATED

Fungus enjoys cutting bears in half, being a dinosaur, and Swedish sports.

Noah is experienced at pouring water through his nose, putting on condoms and kissing.

So the big question is, Who would in in a fight?

Best answer gets a patch =]

Tally so far:

Ed (fungus) : 11
Noah: 5

The results are in! And they're pretty inconclusive. While Fungus Amungus won by sheer voting power, those that know them voted for Noah. Fungus had this to say about the underdog, "Noah's been a river guide for the past month so he's probably pretty strong right now." So who would win? The world may never know. What we do know is that I'm awarding patches to both Goodhart and AndyGadget for the most logical, and systematic guesses, respectively.

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Goodhart8 years ago
After careful consideration (and a period of overcoming my utter loathing of violence), I believe Noah would win. My reasoning is thus: in a fight, Fungus would be lured in by overconfidence and Noah could then take him by surprise and quickly overcome any advantage Fungus may have (or may imagine to have) ;-) I vote for Noah
Meh, Fungus.
scoochmaroo8 years ago
I can't believe I missed the deadline! Noah is crazy scary man. He would win. He plays by nobody's rules. No contest.
Goodhart8 years ago
Why thank you :-)
Fungus would win.
Bigev8 years ago
Anyone who cuts up bears has to be tough.
Sorry Noah, But I vote Fungus. I just don't think kissing and putting on condoms will win a fight...
That depends on who you're fighting! :D
I think I'm going to side with Randy and Eric N, but it's still hard to say. I never saw Noah or Ed fight, but I imagine a fight between them would be one of the most epic things ever.
fungus would win
AndyGadget8 years ago
Googlefight makes Fungus a clear winner!
Atomman8 years ago
Fungus for sure.
randofo8 years ago
I've given this some thought and I'm gonna weigh in for Noah. That guy is totally nuts. He's threatened to kill me a number of times (and he means it).
I have to agree, guys. Noah's a monster and could easily take on three Fungi and four Ewilhems at the same time.
DJ Radio8 years ago
bumpus8 years ago
Based on figure, and stature. I'd guess Noah. :D No offence to you Ed, you could have been a champion wrestler, I'm just going off first impressions
gmjhowe8 years ago
Ed easily. I know for a fact that he could easily download some kung fu on Noah.
bounty10128 years ago
well, since Fungus is a dinosaur he would eat noah.
Ed is clearly much bigger (due to his love of cookies) - therefore he would win.
zachninme8 years ago
Sorry Noah, but I think Ed would win...