Why Isn't My Joule Thief Working ?

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ASCAS5 years ago
Probably It's Because:
- Your wire winding is wrong
- Your transistor is burnt
- Your circuit shorted
- Your transistor terminals are all wrong (ex. BCE, EBC, CBE)
- You mistakenly soldered a wrong part with the wrong value.
- etc.

Please be specific !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
icekid (author)  ASCAS5 years ago
i tried to dismantle it and assemble it, I just found out that my winding is all wrong.
iceng5 years ago
  • Are you really working on a JT lets see it.
  • you could have wired it wrong
  • is this a circuit of it ??
rickharris5 years ago
Why is the earth round, why is the sky blue, why can't you walk on water?/

Please give us more information, pictures, diagrams and a resume of what the symptoms are NONE of us have crystal balls.
canucksgirl5 years ago
You could give more info... but in the mean time, try reading the answers to this same question found HERE.