Why are platypus's mammals when they lay eggs?

I was reading a book at the library on platypus's and the book says it's a mammal yet it lays eggs. How come ?

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acidbass7 years ago
because it is a warmblooded animal that milks its young
framistan7 years ago
The platypus is an amazing animal. It looks like somebody glued together parts of many animals to make it. When the platypus was first discovered, a dead one was brought back to "civilization". The evolutionist's claimed the animal was a "fake" and such an animal could not have evolved! They probably made this claim due to a large number of FAKE animals that circus side shows sewed and glued together and charged the public 10cents to see.
yokozuna7 years ago
Mammals are so named for the mammary glands, which basically means they milk their young. The platypus and echidna are the only two monotremes that haven't died out, which are mammals that lay eggs. The most widely accepted reason for their continued existance is their relative isolation until modern times.

Monotremes do not have nipples, though - they ooze milk, which the young lap from their fur.

Milk is, in fact, highly modified sweat.

(And how many of you just gave your coffee an odd look when you read that?)
I never thought of that, but I can see what you mean, and how it would evolve that way.
Not me, I like breasts, sweat, and milk.