Why are some Instructables teaching how to steal?!

I think Instructables is a great site but am concerned at some people posting Instructables that teach stealing. Some tell how to 'cheat' machines you'd normally pay to use (soft drinks dispenser, photocopy machines). Isn't this irresponsible and just plain wrong? Also these machines have to pay their way and if they are found being abused they will likely be made more expensive (or unavailable), from which legitimate honest users suffer. I don't want Instructables to get a bad name. Imagine if some schoolchild or delinquent follows tips how to do this, gets caught and prosecuted, and admits "Oh I was told how on Instructables"... I don't want that kind of publicity for Instructables, just the same as I wouldn't want a friend accused of being an accomplice to crime. This is a great place to learn, and likely we all want to avoid losing our freedoms here and having restrictions imposed. To keep it this way we need to be wise. I think hacks that amount to theft are inappropriate.

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stopanator8 years ago
because people are sick well some of them
frenzy8 years ago
because totse isn't around anymore: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totse
UltraMagnus8 years ago
to not put this information out in the open is irresponsible, as security through obscurity is a dangerous and unreliable method.
security by obscurity is told to be unreliable, but still it works pretty good. i'm not talking about any computer crypting of data or opensource stuff, but in machines and other things, its the best way. If you would know how the security in a device works, you can get around it, if you don't....
I read your previous answers with a bit of a chuckle. The people who think that an instructable teaching others to steal is a good idea may well have a different approach if they were directly affected. For example if I were to publish an instructable that taught you how to code and implement a virus that gave you access to their bank/credit card details and you had a cruise at their expense I'm certain the pompous, self righteous views would disappear in a second. Rob.
TheRedDeath8 years ago
they are not teaching how to steal they are just sharing knowledge how those people use the knowledge is up to them
110100101108 years ago
any knowldge can be used for good and bad stuff. the knowledge itself should not be hidden example - you dont know in what kind of emergency you may have to phone home and all you have is a coin phone if some1 is dishonest its the fault of himself and / or who educated him. instructabls cannot be responsible for him and censorship does not make people honest
I whole-heartedly agree. I think that in most cases, censorship is just a bandage that doesn't really solve the underlying problem. Crime doesn't just happen because people know how to commit crimes. I notice that there are quite a few Instructables on how to make knives, and even a Burning Question on "How to Punch" yet there is no uproar over these. Violence is just as bad, if not worse, than theivery. You have to change the way a criminal thinks, not how much he knows about committing crimes. On a more... philosophical... path, you might go as far to say that there is no guarantee that NOT stealing is a better solution than stealing. The fact is that we create laws to protect the rights of people (including personal safety and property and such). But laws are rarely appropriate in 100% of all cases. If they can cover 90% of the cases, then I would consider them to be safe bets. I read a book titled "On Subbing" by a man from Portland, Oregon. He wrote the book as a sort of journal documenting his first few years of substituting for special needs classes. One anecdote described the education system's budgetary problems. The schools could not afford to buy art supplies for the students, so the teachers had to pool together and buy them. The author went to a group of his shop-lifting buddies and had a bunch of people steal the supplies from various stores when they had a chance. He returned a hero with a large bounty of the requested items. This is a prime example of society deciding that having lower taxes is better than giving our schools the supplies they need to do their job (a discussion for another day). Well jeez, now I'm off on a tanget. Bottom line: stealing is bad unless it's good.