Why are those cotton fireballs burning me?

I cut a strand from a 100% cotton T-shirt and tie it into a ball using cotton string and soak it in lighter fluid like it said in the video, but it still burns me when I hold it from the bottom where its not supposed to burn you.

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get your hands wet duh,by the way im only eleven and i figured that out before you
lemonie8 years ago
It's burning you because it's on fire.
(Try asking who ever it is that made the video)
Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
I think he means this Instrucable.

Three things occur to me:
  • Is the ball large enough (so that the flame doesn't go down as far as your hand)?
  • Is it wrapped tightly enough (to stop stuff splashing around)?
  • Have you put too much fuel on it?
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
The Instructable that says not to use lighter fluid...?

Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
Haha, that would be the one.
hehehe, good answer :-P
Important fact to remember: fire is hot.

Don't try to hold onto burning things for so long. You may also want to choose a fuel with a slightly lower combustion temperature, like grain alcohol.

Which video are you referring to? Youtube? I would be more inclined to trust the Instructable, but I still would never try this on myself without first testing with a thermometer.