Why can't I download my favorite ebooks?

I really like to download as many interesting ebooks from instructibles, but it seems difficult even if I finished downloading the recommended Adobe Reader. Please help me as soon as you can.

yokozuna6 years ago
There is apparently a browser issue using IE, try using firefox or another computer to see if the proper links and/or pages show up.
twoherbs6 years ago
I'm using firefox and have the same issue
marlynbiton (author)  twoherbs6 years ago
I really hope that somebody from Instructables can help me download the beautiful ebooks. I'll be very happy and grateful.
Kiteman6 years ago
It might be better to post this as a bug report.

Please include details of the software you are using (operating system & browser), as well as which ebooks you are trying to download, and which format you are trying to use.