Why can't I login to instructables after I try to find an Instructable?

I can log in fine from my Chrome opening pages but when I try to find an Intstructable project I am logged out and cannot log back in.

Instructables has been really erratic for me. For instance, earlier this week, I was logged in, and found an Instructable I wanted to vote for and ask a clarifying question. Only whenever I was on that particular Instructable, the system showed me as logged out. If I switched to another page, I was logged in.

Today, when I go the Instructables main page, it will not allow me to log in. Clicking the "login" link simply refreshes the page. However, when I searched Google for "unable to login to instructables" and selected the link to this page, I am already logged in.

I've had fairly consistent problems with logins over the years, which persist regardless of browser or computer. Methinks someone needs to write an Instructable for the Instrucables staff.

timeman2 (author)  pescabicicleta4 months ago
Exactly what I've experienced!
rickharris5 months ago

I just tried and it works OK for me.

try logging out, clearing your cache and log back in.

timeman2 (author)  rickharris5 months ago
Thanks for your comment. I rebooted my laptop and went bed. The next day it was ok. Strange but this happens about once or twice a month. Again thank you for your advice.