Why can't I post a forum topic?

Why can't I post a forum topic?
It never, ever previews, I get "double post" from trying, it is painful.
I've been trying this one for about a week...


EmmettO3 years ago
I would try with a different browser. I can't seem to answer questions using Safari, but Firefox works. It probably has to do with the javascript that the button activates.
lemonie (author)  EmmettO3 years ago

I am using FF.
Now I find the "publish" button is grayed-out.


EmmettO lemonie3 years ago
K, maybe IE or Chrome? FF should work but maybe it's a plug in or a setting that is tripping up the process. Past that I've got nothing. Submit a bug maybe?
lemonie (author)  EmmettO3 years ago
Submit a bug maybe?

That's a forum topic...

EmmettO lemonie3 years ago
Oh. . . well, nvm.

Here's a thought, try your account on someone else's computer. It'll at least confirm that it's a browser issue and not an account issue. Maybe somebody decided they didn't want you mucking about the forums! :P
lemonie (author) 4 years ago
Bugger, it's still not responding...

. You're not making it past the Minimum IQ Check.
Do you have an IQ?
. I used to have one, but lost it about 10 years ago. I sure do miss it. :(
lemonie (author)  NachoMahma3 years ago

You're not giving me the option to give you "Best Answer"...

lemonie (author)  NachoMahma4 years ago
You're not giving me the option to give you "Best Answer"...

because to you have what you learn in instructables or in your group
lemonie (author)  Waren-Neutron3 years ago

It's a more technical problem, but thanks for the answer.

acidbass4 years ago
i have been having the same prob i am the author but chaps in my group can post topics
PKM4 years ago
Make sure you don't have something like NoScript running that will mess it up. Personally I have endured endless pain from trying to do things like credit card transactions online- the systems almost never fail gracefully and say "this script is being blocked", they just get into a broken state and fall apart. You could even try (eughh..) Internet Explorer if all else fails in proper browsers.
Kiteman4 years ago
Don't know - it works for me.

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