Why can't I publish my project?

I'm desperately trying to publish my video but it does not publish. :(

I don't know what it is the problem , can someone help me please?

Here's the link :

Thank you

jazzcali11 months ago

It seems that the account has been indeed deleted because of censorhip issue on this video by instructable? Oo (surprise face)

iceng11 months ago

I like your video, I was born a Czech and lived in your country.

I went to school long enough to speak French and came back in my twenty's for a marvelous summer holiday in Nice.

married an wonderful American lady. She and her Midwestern large family
are in my way of thinking hopelessly terrified of discussing what you
are talking about in the video.

I do hope that you get published but in my experience the HQ editors who have censored one of my ibles because of a Burning Man picture are just well meaning American prudes.

DELETED_gorgeousvoyager (author)  iceng11 months ago

@Iceng : it's always a pleasure to read nice feedbacks following a hard work.

N.B. Your last paragraph made me really laugh

Vyger11 months ago

It is published in that it is available to you or others that you send the link to. It is not on the new page yet and that is usually because there was something that caused it to be flagged for review first. It has to be checked for objectional material before it is made openely available to everyone. It can take a day or 2 for them to review it.

Kiteman Vyger11 months ago

Actually, you can send folk the link to any unpublished project.

You can tell that project us not published, because the URL has a bunch of random letters instead of actual words (look at the URL of this question to see the difference).

@Gorgeousvoyager - if you still can't publish, drop a line to and ask them to sort it.

DELETED_gorgeousvoyager (author)  Kiteman11 months ago
Thanks Kiteman. I will drop them a line and let you know how it goes.
DELETED_gorgeousvoyager (author)  Vyger11 months ago
Thank you Vyger for your detailed answer. I will wait for the review.