Why can't I "View All Comments" anymore instead of paging through them?

When I first joined I could look at an Instuctable and then go to the comment section and click the link "View All Comments".
This would show "All" the comments not just the first 20 or so.

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thegeeke6 years ago
Even though I am not pro, I can still see all of the steps on one page, as well as all of the comments. As I understand, that is a pro only option, so I think I was grandfathered in to it (They didn't have pro memberships when I joined).

I think that if you are using a pro membership, then there might be a problem, and you should e-mail the ibles team. If you think it's because if IE, try using firefox and see if it's any different. Anything is better than IE anyways. :)
bigjohn1a (author)  thegeeke6 years ago
I just tried Firefox and I was able to get the "view all steps" option to work but not the "view all comments" missing feature.
Re-design6 years ago
Do you have "all steps" checkmarked on the shortcut - customize page?
bigjohn1a (author)  Re-design6 years ago
I have tried that and it won't let set that feature. It just keeps refreshing the page when I click the change settings button. Could it be that I am using IE7?
canucksgirl6 years ago
I haven't been a member for very long. I have only ever seen the option to page to the next set of comments. Maybe this was a change to the site?