Why did i forget to close the cookie jar?

Just always wanted to know... Coz now my cookies are stale :(

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canida9 years ago
Your brain is secretly plotting against you and your cookie-eating ways.
ntrider19917 years ago
its not that you forgot its that you don't care enough to worry about something like putting lid back on cookie jar you were not interested in jar just the cookies

veriwildcat8 years ago
you could pop it back into the oven, i tink.. its stale cause the water vapour has made it soft? so if u dehydrate it, it might go back to its original state, tho not as good? Don't hold me to this tho, I'm just theorising, because when bread goes hard and stale, my mom told me to steam it, so that it'll get back its moisture and be nice and soft. So, yeah.
Jewman8 years ago
who knows or cares lol
Lftndbt8 years ago
Because subconsciously you wanted new different cookies, so your brain allowed you to destroy the good ones remaining. It's true.
lutziepv089 years ago
because in reality, thieves NEVER return to the scene of the crime!!! ;)
amann.nagi (author) 9 years ago
Or maybe i did close the jar... and there is a cookie starved ghost in my pantry :o WEEP!
cyc40159 years ago
Because deep down, you wanted to be caught- to draw attention from your other failures in life.
Plasmana9 years ago
Because you are too busy enjoying your cookies and forget about everything...?