Why did my MP3 player die?

I have a philips 1 gig MP3 player that has stopped working. When the power button is pressed nothing happens. When I plug it into the computer (win XP) I get the beep that indicates the computer is noticing something at the port but the computer does not register it as a device or a drive. In the past when I plugged it in the player would light up and show that the battery was charging now, nothing. I have tried it on a different computer and also opened it and disconnected the internal battery and then reconnected it- no luck. Also I tried the reset button - no luck. any ideas?

Sandisk1duo8 years ago
is it a go-gear?
shantinath1000 (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
yes - an older one- It worked fine about a week ago when I last used it.
mine broke too >: ( it used to hold 1gb of music i dropped it a couple times, and then something happened, something broke i couldn't put more then 200mb of music on it, or it would freeze up and crash
110100101108 years ago
boot a linux disk and try if it sees it (opens in file manager etc) if no - open console (terminal) and run su (in ubuntu run instead : sudo bash) lsusb fdisk -l (unplug the player) lsusb fdisk -l see the difference between 1st and 2nd time ? (is there any ?) copy paste it to here