Why do i have sound lag whenever i play a flash game?

whenever i play a flash game, the sound is in sync but the longer i play the more it is out of sync, any help?

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frollard8 years ago
As you say below: Try totally uninstalling flash, and reinstalling. Are you in linux? A lot of distros have poor flash (video) support. Are you direct using the computer, or going over a network connection RDP? Here at work our rdp terminals have sound but it's always out of sync a few seconds, but only for flash.
jibatsu (author)  frollard8 years ago
no I use vista, its my own computer at home, and i've tried completely uninstalling. so i'm completely stumped
Check your sound card drivers - it might come on your motherboard (With motherboard install cd) or on the manufacturer's website. that's all I can think :S
jj378 years ago
when was the last time you updated your flash plugin? How fast is your computer?
jibatsu (author)  jj378 years ago
ive got the latest flashy and is quite a fast computer, thats why i'm stumped on what it could be?