Why do i have to have a membership to see other pictures in the same step?

This site tells me i need to have a pro membership in order to see peoples instructables. Not to actually view them, but to view the pictures with each step. It shows the first one full sized, but then scales the rest of them down so that i can barley see them, and i can only look at them as thumbnails of their former self. This is stupid... Look at the associated picture...

Usually if you're logged in, even if you're not a pro member it should work, It works for me...
nick382 (author)  thermoelectric8 years ago
I'm logged in, and it still says i need a pro membership, Do i need to confirm my email or something first? Perhaps i should get ahold of an administrator...
lemonie8 years ago
They need the income to keep the site going. Bummer if you only want to look at a few things, but cheap if you're here regularly.