Why do people ask the same question over and over?

Why do people ask the same question over and over?
Why do people ask the same question over and over?
Why do people ask the same question over and over?

Burf3 years ago
I can think of several reasons:

1) They don't get an answer or an answer they like the first time asked.
2) Their question gets pushed back a page or two and they want to put it on the first page again, hoping for another response.
3) They don't realize it takes a few minutes for a question to post so they enter it again, thinking it didn't register the first time.
4) They are just trying to annoy.
5) They forget they have posted the question previously.
6)  They enjoy seeing their words on the net.

NE patsrock3 years ago
cause they just want so many peeps seeing their stuff
kelseymh (author)  NE patsrock3 years ago
Bit slow on the uptake, are we?
kelseymh (author)  NE patsrock3 years ago
Look at today's date. Now look at the date this question was posted. Now look at the date of the comment to which you replied.
woah woah woah
haha ya i just had to post ya know rite
acidbass3 years ago
this is the third question i have seen with this title STOP asking this question over and over (nothing against you kelsey but it is getting annoying)
kelseymh (author)  acidbass3 years ago
Yay! You understand the irony, too!
yeah i cant stand when someone post a question and then post it again under a different username or a different channel
or don't do a search FIRST and ask a question that has been answered innumerable times....
exactly it is so irritating
mrelement3 years ago
probably they want a different answer maybe because they want to create a popular question some how probably they wanna keep searching till theyfind what they want
rickharris3 years ago
Searching and reading seem to be too hard for some so questions get repeated.

As said some don't like the first answer and look for one they do - doesn't happen often though.

caarntedd3 years ago
I SAID: Which knex (insert-rifle/machine/vehicle, etc.) should I build next?
caarntedd3 years ago
Which knex (insert-rifle/machine/vehicle, etc.) should I build next?
yokozuna3 years ago

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