Why do people create K'nex weapons that have pieces that need to be modified?

I have seen a lot of K'nex weapons that have pieces that need to be cut away or broken. I only have a a basic set and so do other people. K'nex weapons should be built with every builder in mind.

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I have been asking myself the same question myself for over three years. It's because they are so determined to make their thing right that they have to make up their own pieces, which pretty much means that they are not using knex. I know, it's pretty sad.
hedzup4567 years ago
i cant answer your question, but search knex final stand on this site where it says to break the orange connector, use a grey 1 slot insted
NYPA (author) 8 years ago
Thanks to all of you! i just got a HUGE upgrade in K'nex and i now have, in comparison, Around 30 orange connectors compared to the 5. I played with them and i got 1 broken orange connector and a yellow one and white. I never knew i would attract well recognized people like I_am_Canadian and stale56. So thanks again! also if you have the time, Please make a list of K'nex guns/other so we know to avoid them.
DJ Radio NYPA8 years ago
who the heck is stale56? :-P
i said that same thing
i dunno half the time there is a real piece that they could use insted or they could change it just alil (i always do cuz i hate brokenz)
People somtimes get lazy and cut open grey connectors to make places for rods to drop on to instead of attaching locks to rods, but it is not worth it.
An Villain8 years ago
this is not an answer to the question but i am surprised, that is the only comment left from darthVaders 3 years on instructables. it is kind of sad.
stale568 years ago
I don't modify pieces because I have very little, but occasionally, A piece may break, so I use that piece if I need it somewhere, so if you accidently break a piece, keep it, just incase.
NYPA (author)  stale568 years ago
i have three.
i only have around 900 pieces from a few high cost sets b4 i knew ebay and rite now i have 16 broken pieces because of bad grenades
knexsniper18 years ago
you are correct with the every builder in mind thing. i used to hate breaking pieces. but then i realized that sometimes a small sacrifice has to be made in order to obtain the greater good. suppose that you want to make a gun that shoots like 100 feet, and you have the pieces needed, and all you need to do is break one piece. would you do it? of course! when you think about it, it's just one piece. and what if later on in your projects, you find that you might actually have needed that broken piece to make your gun work? if you have a basic set, then you may have around 300 or 400 pieces. so what ever guns you can build with that amount of pieces, normally dont need modded pieces. Hope this helps! :)
hack124x7688 years ago
Sometimes you have to break the rules to innovate. Besides, if somebody can do something with modified pieces as a proof of concept, someone else may take it upon themselves to design a pure version. Seeing as you are never forced to mod your own pieces unless you choose, it's a win-win situation.
A good example is Jollex's first bolt action, used a ton of modded parts. I made my own bolt action with no modded parts sorta based off his gun.
well i feal your pain i had a small set and souldnt bulid much but there are knex pistols and sinper without broken knex but some times it makes the gun better or more powerful
NYPA (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak8 years ago
well mister one broken gray connector to make the germ!
no its not needed but its what i hard around so i used it and there are more look around a good pistol is the tds and mini tds and minier tds btw you can replace the broken oranges with a dark gary 1 slot connector and 1 y clip instead
DJ Radio8 years ago
Modified parts make guns more reliable than if you dont use them.
NYPA (author) 8 years ago
yeah i only have a green snap box. In comparison it has only 5 orange connectors. i would never break those!
Broken pieces allows you to build certain parts that cannot be made with normal pieces.