Why do people prefer the predator engine over others?

I wanted to get a Duramax engine for my go-cart seeing it has 16 -18 horsepower yet every video I watch on youtube they have a predator engine with 6.5 horsepower, which is better?

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rickharris3 months ago

I was under the impression that kart racing had fairly tight control over the specification of the class.

When racing power is good BUT only IF you can put that power on the road. If your acceleration exceeds the grip of your tires then you'r wasting power and a big engine isn't any use for you.

Price will be a big factor.

Toga_Dan3 months ago

how fast do u need to go? How much power can u(and the cart) handle?

iceng3 months ago

I would guess the 6.5 HP is all you need and can get all the speed and pick up as the higher power unit... While the 6.5 HP is much more sparring on fuel consumption with less noise and exhaust fumes...

weatherjack3 months ago

Yes price is the biggest factor. Aslo it is a clone and some parts are interchangable with other motors. As far as which is better, that is a depends who you ask answer. Keep in mind that a 16-18 HP engine versus a 6.5 HP engine are two different animals.

steveastrouk3 months ago

Price ?