Why do the number of views in the instructable topic not appear as they appear when i click to view the topic?

I noticed something in the last topic.
number of view 202 but when i click on the topic it appear 498 view?

Hi there,

Hi also to kiteman (my old friend since 2009). It happens to me also. You know what? I found out why this is happens. Instructables view is not using AJAX to sync real time from database server to client and other client to server. There is some delay in fetching data from the server. If instructables developers improve their views feature with live counting updates (which is real time DOM) well you dont need to refresh the site to see the latest number of your views.

The answer is simple... Instructables Website do not use real time DOM based counter or AJAX to see the real time view of your instructables.

medhatko (author) 8 days ago


That problem happens with me only

That problem does not appear with other publishers when i browse their instructable.

Also, my topic does not appear in the search engine within the site.


Kiteman medhatko8 days ago

It doesn't appear?

Give me a link, I'll have a look.

Kiteman9 days ago

Different parts of the site "live" on different servers, and they don't all update or synchronise at the same rate or time.

The most accurate number is on the instructable itself.