Why does a hotel shower seem to rinse off soap so much better than my home shower?

When I shower at a hotel, the soap always seems to rinse off very quickly. At home it takes a lot more rinsing. I'd say "softer water" except that our home water *is* quite soft.

acidbass7 years ago
 you probably dont pay attention at home that and you probably have a basic shower system at home but in hotels they have some of the best ones on the market
BioZone8 years ago
Possibly, the soap lathers much better at the hotel due to softer water, so you're perception may be that it washes off better. Otherwise I have to agree with 11010010110, there is probably higher water pressure, more flow, or a different soap.
Are you using a water softener at home? I find water from one of these gives me a soapy feeling. Maybe it's just me.
110100101108 years ago
higher force head higher water flow another soap