Why does the CPU usage on my computer keep drastically changing?

When my computer is at an idle the CPU usage keeps going from 99% to 2% and then back to 99%. It just keeps doing this without stoping. Is this possibly  the fault of spy ware?

Bring up task manager and watch for things that are running. This is a good place to start. Once you find what things are running you can start shutting them down one at a time and reviewing the results. Without getting in too much detail it's very easy once you do it, to see how much crap from spyware can get on your system without you really knowing. Google is a great tool for dianostic look up on things that are running if you don't reconize them.
iceng6 years ago
Also You could have some feature turned on and you don't remember ?
Then Horror of horrors a Virus of the eat-up your speed kind.

iceng6 years ago

Software is jumping around to housekeeping  tasks.