Why does the Instructables spellchecker dictionary not have the word "Instructable" added?

Is it not worth the effort of modifying, or is there some inscrutable reasoning going on here?

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It does, the I has to be capitalized though.
It does now! : ) Thank you, and thanks to whomever added it.
jtobako8 years ago
I don't think that the website has a spell-check, I pretty sure it's based on your computer : )
NobodyInParticular (author)  jtobako8 years ago
Yes, whenever you make a post, a button labeled Check Spelling is displayed. If it was made by someone other than Instructables, I don't see any credits, though I do see a GNU license for it.
Yep, there it is. Same as it's been for years. Serves me right for not looking : P
kelseymh8 years ago
Because it's misspelled. The correct English word is "instructible" (able to be instructed). I don't think I'bles has their own custom spell check.