Why doesn't my potato cannon work?

Today, I finally got to test my spud gun. I loaded it up with a plug of potato, sprayed in one second of hairspray, twisted the cap shut, and pressed the barbecue ignitor. I heard the ignitor work, but nothing happened. I tried this again and again, using different potatoes, cleaning the cannon, and checking the sparker. Every time I did it, it didn't work. I followed the instructions step by step from Backyard Ballistics, but I used ABS instead of PVC. I also used a barbecue ignitor instead of a lantern ignitor. I used all ABS parts, with the right cement for ABS, so I don't know what went wrong. Could it be my hairspray? I bought a $1 can, which seemed a little strange, because all the other cans were at least five dollars. Is cheap hairspray made with different chemicals? I believe the hairspray brand I used was called "White Rain", but I could be completely making that up. 



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bobert6107 years ago
 first of...always check for air leaks...blow into the tube and listen for leaks....alsothe "white rain " hairspray might not have the right type of airosol in it....you need the right mixture to both ignite and pressurize,,,sry but i cant reccomend any..good luck
Your problem is that you only put one sec of hairspray, try three or four of aqua net
try AXE Body spray, its more effective, more flamable, burns faster, and burns cleaner than hair spray, it wont leave much residue either which can gum up the ignitor wires and such. im useing an electric bbq ignitor that kicks out 12,000 volts. mine arcs thru 3 different places and allows the gun to fire more efficently and more powerfully. Try axe tho, it sounds like the hair spray, some are non flamable.
But just in case, to prevent injury, AXE is not preferred it is MORE flammable therefore more dangerous. Sorry.
flamesami7 years ago
test the hairspray: spray it on an open flame there should be a flamethrower effect. Be VERY careful if you do that though.