Why doesn't projects download in pdf format when I click on the Download Button?

I try to open a project in the PDF format using the Download Button but it doesn't download, it will popup asking me if I want to save it and once I do it saves as an "all Files" not a PDF.

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gizmologist7 months ago

It is a PDF, it just doesn't have the file extension. Rename it, and add .pdf to the end.

Ill send you a free Premium membership.

Very nice of you Josehf...

I have something like 30 years gift pro to spare. I've won a prize in 19 contests and 75 featured Instructables.

I have always wondered about selling them on Ebay. --- maybe half price. But then they may not be so liberal about handing them out.

I tried giving some Premium memberships away to people near me so I could enter the Makerspace Contests. You need 5 team members within 150 miles to enter. Only two of them joined Instructables, and they only vote if I bug them.

Kiteman7 months ago

Are you a "premium" member?