Why doesn't the butane gas from my lighter light?

I got a jet lighter that burns butane (it is really cool, I can melt pennies). The lighter lights when I press the striker (pizo spark), but when I try to light the butane that I can make come out of the lighter from pressing the button half way in, I can't light the butane. Why is that?

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Afif_D6 years ago
Because its sad as you are not treating it properly..

OR because its BUTANE...

OR because its METHANE...

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lemonie8 years ago
You may be igniting it in the wrong place. If this thing is like a mini blow-lamp you have the right mix of gas & air where the piezo igniter is. Once the (unburned) mixture leaves the lighter it is further diluted with air such that it is too weak to ignite. If you can block the air supply you might get a rich jet of butane out of this. L
lemonie wats with the l at the end L?
It's an habitual signiture (RETURN, RETURN, SHIFT-L)

sorry bud didnt know
Don't be sorry, people tend to pick up on me when I don't!

Thelonelysandwitch (author)  lemonie8 years ago
oh, maybe, I'll try it later thanks.
frollard8 years ago
I had one of these - I think it got wet, or got plugged on the air-intake port with lint or something. Either way, these are EXTREMELY balanced jets to get that perfect flame - try blowing it out gently 'backwards' to clear the intakes. They get finicky over time and I'm not sure why.
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  frollard8 years ago
no, it isn't clogged, it does light from the spark in the lighter, but when I make only the butane come out, It doesn't manually light from another source of flame (i.e. match, other lighter, candle etc.). I just want to know why.
Thats pretty simple - the 'fire' in a jet lighter is pretty far inside the jet system. The gasses, which burn readily at stoich mix are moving too quickly out of the lighter, and dont burn 'out in the air' as quckly as the gasses are expelled from the lighter. At best, it snuffs itself out, or burns an orange flame.
benz_z8 years ago
i have a dirt cheep china-town lighter some times the butane doesn't go into the lighter if the jet part doesn't hiss theres no butane.
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  benz_z8 years ago
no, there is butane in the lighter, I can light it from the striker on the lighter, but it doesn't light from a match or candle.
110100101108 years ago
if you fill something with the butane you may be able to ignite it search on youtube for origami jet engine