Why hasn't anyone posted instructables for anything to do with eeg?

Commercially available eeg-based non-invasive brain-computer interfaces are still way too expensive for most, and yet there are no instructables. Why?

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They are HARD to build ! Its not breadboard electronics, and stuff an arduino in it. The electronics are seriously low noise, low drift and incredibly sensitive. The circuit boards have to be laid out by analogue design engineers who specialise in this type of circuitry.

If you want a toy, then its fairly easy to get SOME sort of signal, but any kind of deeper interpretation takes a lot of work - as the reference you cited originally made clear.

JimFlo7 years ago
Go to hospital or government liquidation sales (military is DRMO). They sell broken and obsolete machines for scrap prices. Then you do a good first instructable  and I will try to do a second. Its also a great place for other parts...
Re-design7 years ago
Ha-ha.  I came here thing that they had misspelled the word "egg" and I was all ready to answer.
Z.. Re-design7 years ago
Me too!!!!