Why is Instructables allowing Norton to dilute their brand? The intrusive homepage ad is horrible, Norton is junk!

I'll come back in a week, hopefully that ad will be gone!

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frollard8 years ago
How dare this recession make it so beggars can't be choosers? shucks.
goodgnus (author)  frollard8 years ago
Of course I'm not going to stop using Instructables, my point was to merely bring attention that some ad campaigns can actually drive traffic AWAY from a site. I really hope Instructables is analyzing traffic during these large home page changing ad campaigns and monitoring the effect they have on visitorship.
kelseymh8 years ago
For all of you complaining, see https://www.instructables.com/community/A_massive_AD/, which discusses a similar background-modification done several months ago in exchange for Apple sponsorship. Whether you like the color or not is a personal opinion, but setting the background seems like a nicely minor form of advertising.

Surely changing the background color is better than those horrible roll-over-and-throw-animation-all-over-the-screen Craftsman ads!

You might also want to go join your fellow whiners at
How about people actually CLICK sponsor links once in a while...generating a little green for ibles, then we wouldn't have to resort to 'excessive' adverts...

but everyone using adblock = little ad coverage = no money = time to up the ante.
Sheesh, I'm using Instructables for free and they give away tons of prizes. They can make the homepage any color they want!
Most of the prizes are given to instructables by other companies. But yes, instructables is free for us to use, but not for them to run.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Geez, folks! It's only on the home page. Reset your bookmark to point to a different page. On most other pages it's just a smallish, easy to ignore, graphic in the you-are-here banner. My bookmark points to the All Forum, so I had to go look to see what y'all were talking about. . Yes. It's garish, but garish ads are better than no Ibles at all. ;)
paganwonder8 years ago
Nothing is "FREE". The Norton ad is tolerable if it helps keep our beloved Instructables openly accessible to all (as we know not all fans of this site can afford to pay for access) The advertising is a small price to pay for the value I receive!
Yeah but this ad is really bad, the apple one they had a while ago wasn't that bad because at least it looked ok ish. but this one is really ugly and makes it difficult to see some things. But I guess you are right, if this is what instructables has to do, then let it be.
Audey8 years ago
yeah it's pretty horrible.
Audey Audey8 years ago
Forgot to mention: I'm ok with the little sponsored by norton because they aren't very intrusive. But the homepage just looks really ugly.
frollard Audey8 years ago
I agree that nortonifying the homepage that bad is ...pretty bad...but again - instructables is practically MADE of red ink. Where do you think that bandwidth comes from?