Why is Instructables so damn awesome?


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ewilhelm8 years ago
It's because of you!!!!11!!
afridave7 years ago
because you can find the most intelligent as well as the most ridiculous and totally useless information here.sometimes im confuzed by what i read and sometimes i laugh my head of at what i read,its entertaining.
Buster827 years ago
because it has anything and everything!
08techgrad7 years ago
Instructables is awesome because of the ideas and viewpoints that people bring to this site.  This site allows regular folks like you and I to address issues from the ground up instead of the top down.
Bardouv8 years ago
I thought it was mind control, or maybe that's what THEY want me to think!
flio191 (author)  Bardouv8 years ago
ooh that's tricky!
Hi. My name is Porcupinemamma and I am addicted to Instructables. I belong to IA (Instructables anonymous) ;0)
PKTraceur8 years ago
Because Instructables is a place of creation, thought, and when something works, it makes you feel good. Humans are naturally creative, especially when something goes right. Sure enough, it teaches you if something doesn't go right, to overcome it, to try again. Plus, the community is very helpful, a very good source of information. Such as Kipkay, the movie expert, Kiteman, th UK science (professor?) guy, kelseyhm, whom know a grand amount of science, technology, and others, lemonie, who knows on an extensive amount of subjects, just to name a few. Plus, all of the others in this community. (And of course me, I answered this question!) -PKT Of course, Eric is a nice guy.
Drbstotka8 years ago
I so agree I love it here! There are so many things to do, that are saving the planet!
kelseymh8 years ago
Because they arrrrr...oh, wait, that's pirates. Never mind....

Besides, Eric's already given the best answer :-)