Why is WinRAR a blank file?

I opened up Application Data on Windows XP,and I saw a file named WinRAR. When I opened the file, it was blank. I thought WinRAR was a program for processing RAR and ZIP files; so why is it just blank?

Probably this files are corrupted, you may try to recover it to fix corrupt rar file

This guide will prompt you how to make it
Did you open WinRAR or double click on a .rar file? If you opened WinRAR then it will be blank till you drag and drop files into it or import files into to create a .rar file. If it's an .rar file within your PC it may have been created but nothing was put into it.
~KnexBuild~ (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago
There's no apparent way to open WinRAR. I just opened the folder in AppData that was labeled "WinRAR" and it was empty.
That is opening the file. You opened the WinRAR application. Now you can drag and drop files you want to compress and upload to an email or web site. Thus creating a Zip or RAR file with data inside.