Why is it so hard to get a Collection started?

I thought I had made one, but it didn't show up in my profile. I went back, and apparently I only got to the "Draft" stage. When I tried to start it up, it said I had to add 5 Instructables to it - but how do you do it from that page? Is there a tutorial on setting up Collections? This is very frustrating.

ETA: And now I see that there is no option for asking *this* kind of question offered in the categories or Channels boxes below. Well, I can't find a Contact Us button, so this goes here.

Not very user-friendly.

tgimages3 years ago

I have to agree it is difficult. I clicked the "+Collection". I gave it a name and said create. The spinny thing spun for almost 30 seconds and then went away. I then clicked the +Add button but it said I had to select a collection first. There was nothing to select from. What seems to be a straight forward feature just doesn't seem to work!

Kiteman3 years ago

You add projects to a collection from the project - see at the top-right of any project, there'll be a button that says "+Collection".

Click it.

Otherwise, if you are wanting to give feedback on the way the site works, you can always use the Feedback forum:


Hope that helps.

threeoutside (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Thanks, I'll try again. It didn't work the first times because the site for some reason didn't accept my Collection creation. Thanks for your comment.