Why is my Windows 7 64-Bit stuck on the welcome screen for 20 minutes then signs me in to a temporary account??

I have looked everywhere for solutions.  Could it possibly have to do with the fact that I just installed Drop Box on it?  Thanks in advance for your answers.

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drmjj55 (author) 6 years ago
I found the solution: My PC had a hard shutdown and the profiles were corrupted.
All im doing is transferring the files and deleting the old profiles. Thanks for your help.
AndyGadget6 years ago
If it gets you to a working desktop eventually, do this :-
Click the start button, then type 'rstrui' (without the quotes) into the 'search programa and files' box and press 'enter'. This will start the system restore applet.
If system restore was turned on, you will get a list of restore points - Select one for before you installed DropBox, and click finish.
The computer will restart and restore the system files to that point - It won't affect your data. Don't interrupt the process once it's started.

If this is successful, you should have a working computer once again.
aelias366 years ago
I'm guessing there's something wrong with the boot sector of your hard drive, so you'll need to probably reinstall windows. Before you do so, make sure to copy all of the files you need onto an external drive, and write down a list of all the programs you'll need to re-install.

In case It's not really the boot sector, have you already tried running an antivirus program? (AVG free is excellent if you don't have one already.)
drmjj55 (author)  aelias366 years ago
This has just started to happen. I think it might have somthing to do with dropbox because i installed it and turned it off and the next time i turned it on it did that. Maybe its the dropbox service or something
Have you tried uninstalling it?
drmjj55 (author)  aelias366 years ago
not yet but i will try. :)