Why is my dirt bike Bogging????

I have a panterra 50 cc
And it is having an awful bogging problem. why is it doing this? i bought used and this is how it came

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TannerK12 years ago

i have that same bike...same problem lol

Aron3135 years ago
Air fuel mixture sounds like its not doing good.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. If the engine was warm, then I suspect the accelerator pump.
maby you need to bend the forks a bit on the float valve so that it lets more fuel in
Whitedude0728 (author) 8 years ago
it was warm in the video but it does it any way. air filter clean, choke fully open not blocked, carburater may be out of adjustment but i dont know how to tune it. the carburater is pretty clean on the inside i just cleaned the main jets a week ago and it doesnt smoke. when you say around the needle do you mean in the throttle slide part? And it doesnt really do that when throttled normally. if you listen closely in the vid at one part it bogs then kicks back in. if in riding in 3rd or 4th gear and twist the throttle too quikly (not snapping it ) it will bog without dying untill i let off then it keeps on runnin.
Re-design8 years ago
Does it do this when it's warmed up. Dirty fuel filter, kink in fuel hose, dirty air filter, choke closed or blocked carb out of adjustment or trash in the jet or around the needle. Does it smoke when it bogs?
Stew28 years ago
Does it do that when you throttle up normally, or just when you pin it like that?