Why is my vision blurry after an insect flew into my eye?

About 24 hours ago a small bug like a gnat flew into my right eye. My eye burned for the rest of that day, but felt fine the next morning. Although my eye feels fine, my eyesight is very blurred through my right eye. I have always had perfect vision without glasses or similar objects until this encounter. Does anyone know what may be causing this? Will this go away on it's own, or should I do something about it?

the gnat probably crawled behind your eye and laid eggs in your retina. u will not notice untill 3-4 years later (aka 2011-2013) when they hatch. u could die go to a doctor now!!! (it happened to my dear brothe in-law...
frollard8 years ago
I would definitely, even now suggest rinsing your eye with plenty of fresh water. There could still be bits of gnat in there, creating an uneven surface on the surface of your eye. Use some saline eye drops after to maintain your eye's hydration properly. If vision problems persist more than 'today' go see an optometrist or family doctor. I'm not being alarmist - but a small infection can destroy your vision. If it doesnt get better after rinsing your eye, get it checked.
miiwii38 years ago
The gnat was probably very dirty so your eye is trying to clean itself, making your vision blurry. Try some eye drops or saline. I'm not an expert so get some more advice. Also call your doc.