Why is the Stats "Total Views" wildly different when logged in vs. logged out?

I see dramatically different "total views" when logged in and not logged in. Why the difference? Which is correct?

614 logged out
3513 logged in

It doesn't seem to change when I repeatedly open the instructable, so it doesn't appear to be counting my hits.

Jayefuu6 years ago
To reduce server load I believe stats like these are "cached". It is calculated every X hours and stored in the database, so that each time a page is loaded 1 lookup is performed rather than performing lots of calculations.

I would expect they're more up to date on your "You" page since only you visit it so it can't be loaded highly. That's my guess anyway.

Someone from HQ might be able to clarify.
orksecurity6 years ago
I wonder whether this is a browser cache effect....
frenzy6 years ago

this is odd, can you post a forum topic in the bugs category? please include screen shots of both logged in and logged out states so we can sort it out.