Why isn't my instructable showing up?

My new instructable has been published 2 days ago (atleast it said it has) But it is not showing up in the channel i added it to. It hasn't been accepted into the launch it contest nor the krylon. The only way to access it is on my page. Help?

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kylekosan235 years ago
Kiteman5 years ago
Without knowing which Instructable you're talking about, the best answer is that it is probably hung up in the filters for some reason.

If it isn't showing up properly by tomorrow, drop a line to service@instructables.com to bring the problem to HQ's attention.
patriots8888 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Its ok. I found out my underwearapult has shown up in the photo instructable section but not the "all" section. Weird....
patriots8888 (author)  kylekosan235 years ago