Why not start a Knex building request forum or group?

  I'm far from knocking you guys because I used to be a LEGO monster.   I've also seen some impressive projects and the skills are there in a BIG way.  
  Why not start a place where people can challenge your skills?  Not only will you hone your skills, you will be building stuff you have no clue about and in the process there is no telling what you will learn.
  I'm willing to bet there are some cats around here that would be more than willing to keep you in a steady supply of good challenges.

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DJ Radio7 years ago
Because the idea of it sucks so much.  We've had stuff like that before and nobody ever does anything.
acidbass7 years ago
 do it but broadcast your idea among the knex community
NachoMahma7 years ago
Seeing as we get a new instructable for every time somebody mods the shape of the trigger guard on an existing K'nex gun design, I have just utterly failed to be shocked that there are 27 pages of K'nex groups.
.  I have zero interest in K'nex guns* - I have real guns to play with - but I'd rather see the K'nex Krew®©™ on here than out robbing convenience stores. ;)

*Some of the roller coasters and other gadgets are pretty neat
I agree - some of the stuff they come up with is pretty ingenious, including some of the guns. I just question whether we really need so many practically identical instructables. Also, the juvenile "Look at me! Look at me!" and "I'm cooler than you because you suck" thread that runs through so many of the posts wears on my patience.
Still, it's better than the boards on YouTube, so there's that at least.
like my slideshow?
I think that loud whooshing sound was your point flying right over the poor kids head.  Good think he's not taller, or it would have gone right through his brain.
onrust (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Now that I think about it i could start it.
I may use the title: knex by request
.  With so many K'nex groups to pick from, a new one is likely to get lost in the noise. Try to find an existing group that would like to help with your project. YMMV.
onrust (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Oh!  Thank you.