Why remove the board?


Can I ask why are we removing the board from the servo? What does it do? Thanks in advance,

randofo7 months ago

It allows you to use it as a geared DC motor.

If you don't, you will need a control signal to get it to move.

Does "geared" means that the spinning direction is controlled by the polarity?

I ask this because I am not sure of the translation, but I believe that with the pcb in place we must respect certain polarity or we will burn the servo :( and as you mentioned to move it we will need a control signal.

Geared as in the motor is driving a gearbox.

The PCB turns the servo into just a motor connected to a gearbox with no control circuit.

This only works on continuous rotation servos.

Standard servos have a mechanical stop and cannot spin 360 degrees. If you remove the controller board of standard servos, the motor will burn out. Unless - of course - you physically remove the mechanical hard stop from the gearbox that keeps standard servos from spinning 360 degrees.