Why was there plastic on my plasma ball?

So I have had my plasma ball for about a year now and it wasn't very clear anymore.  At the top I noticed that there was some kind of coating on it after washing about 5 times with windex.  The ball worked fine were there wans't coating anymore so I rubbed it all off, it was plastic and now my hands are all sparkly.  Was that ok or am I risking major health problems.  Also, what is it for.

So also, if your plasma ball is murky this is why.

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lemonie6 years ago

The inside is at a low pressure, if you break the glass it will implode (move in the the opposite direction to "explode") but this still throws sharp bits of glass around at high speed. The plastic is to contain the glass if it should break.

This is what steve said. (although he spelled implosion incorrectly...)

Picky, picky.
Vyger Vyger6 years ago
Sorry if this sounded a little negative, and I didn't mean to imply that you go around breaking your stuff, I just that I get really annoyed by the things companies have to do to keep from getting sued by people who just do really stupid things.
There are occasions when such warnings and precautions are warranted but for the most part much of the warnings and precautions are pretty stupid and it just adds to the cost of making things and trouble for the rest of us. I mean, I really don't need to be warned against stuffing marbles up my nose.
Re-design Vyger6 years ago
The plastic coating on the glass balls are not over kill. The glass is very easy to break by accident. People naturally want to touch the balls when in operation and I don't want to be near when one breaks.
seandogue6 years ago
t was there to help avoid the glass becoming scratched, which can lead to premature failure of the globe.
The plastic is probably to help contain fragments if it get shattered. There is a vacuum inside, and a potential implostion hazard.