Why would anyone go on a website like this looking for attention from guys????

just wondering because i've seen questions like "are there any hot guys out there" and stuff like that........ i'm just curious =) 

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orksecurity8 years ago
You can shorten the question: "Why would anyone go on a website looking for attention?" Answer: Because they don't know how else to get attention and are desperate enough that anonymous, and sometimes negative, attention is better than none. That explains a lot of the trolls you'll encounter on the Internet.
The other possibility is that it's a police officer trolling for pedophiles.
I ask myself this every day.
Bigev8 years ago
I answered the "hot guys out there" one in haiku. No response.

Apparently, poetry isn't "hot" anymore...
andieXcandie (author)  Bigev8 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
It's not the right place, but there are some friendly people who will answer questions. Getting a response may be worth something, if not exactly what a person wanted.

andieXcandie (author)  lemonie8 years ago
yea i guess =)

i got to stop putting smiley faces after every sentence i type 
I wonder too, "how to give a good ()-job?" - trying it on or really want to know? (I don't know)

andieXcandie (author)  lemonie8 years ago
how to give a good what? 
It's something a person might do with another person, both of which being "hot"... At least one of them would have to be a guy.

that was deleted, right?
andieXcandie (author)  lemonie8 years ago
oh.... well i don't know how to give a good blow job if thats what u were asking..... idk i'm confused just don't mind me  
Like your question: why would someone ask that here?

andieXcandie (author)  lemonie8 years ago
lol wow i'm sooo blonde sometimes... ok i understand =)
andieXcandie (author) 8 years ago
its all good in the hood... i can't spell either.    especially on here cuz i can't see what i type!