WiFi signal? Where? You cannot get there from here.

Planning on a trip to Northern Maine, and I do not think "hotspots" will be crawling out of the woods.  Ok, I'll cut the cliches. Within reason $$ wise,  what can I do?  directional boost?  Thanks  i am sure this is a no brainer for a brainer.  Had to.  Chas

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acidbass7 years ago
 i would do the same as Jeff-O suggested but i am a teenager and would prefer to take a laptop so i think you should invest in a wifi card from any cellphone store and just use it for however long you need it i know it is not that easy but you could try
jeff-o7 years ago
Leave your gadgets at home (aside from GPS, I guess) and enjoy nature for a while.  It's refreshing.
.  I just Googled "nature" and it seems rather interesting. I may have to check it out.
lemonie7 years ago
Come on dude, if you're out in the woods you're not going to pick up WiFi. Within 1Km of a coffee-shop you've got something to work with, but "in the sticks" - forget it.

If you need wireless connectivity in the middle of nowhere, you can investigate getting a cell phone with a data plan that can share its connection with a PC -- but in Northern Maine even ordinary cellphone coverage is spotty, or so I've been told.

Or you could pay even more for a direct satellite uplink.

Or find a hotel that has service and pay them for access for a few hours.

Or restrict your travels.

Or learn that it really is possible to live without connectivity for a few days.

Pick one. I recommend the last.
I'll go with you on the last one.

kelseymh7 years ago
If you can't live without your Facebook page for a few days, then you shouldn't be planning a trip to Northern Maine.  Stay at home and go to Starbucks.  The whole point of "getting away from it all" is to get away from it all.